Depositphotos 5801106 sIT'S TIME FOR A MAKEOVER
Is your website outdated? Does it work on modern smartphones and tablets?  Do you have information on your site that’s several years old? Did you have a friend of a friend design your website? Of course you already know that an unprofessional website is hurting your business prospects.

Your website is an extention of you and your business... a very big international extension.  If your company website has been around for a few years, it is probably time for a makeover.  Old code may be causing display problems or security issues.  Maybe the content that describes how you do business today is not up-to-date and needs to be modified.  And while you are at it, maybe its time to have a Content Management System that makes it easy for your staff to perform timely updates.

At Squared Brain Web Design we handle anything from minor updates and fixes to major overhauls.

It may be time for a fresh new look for your existing website. If you are happy with the way your website functions but you just want a new modern look for it, Squared Brain Web Design can provide a new graphic design and keep your current content and functionality intact.

Many clients come to Squared Brain Web Design looking for help with a Content Management System that is creating more work than it saves. We have a lot of experience working with the Joomla and WordPress platforms. We can take an existing website design and convert it to the Joomla or WordPress platform to make it much easier for you to keep your site up-to-date.

Does your existing website force visitors to pinch and scroll the screen in order to view the content?  The latest website design technology has the ability to automatically scale website content based on device type. This is called 'Responsive Website Design'. As a business owner, you need to take advantage of the growing number of potential clients that use smartphones and tablets to view your website. Let Squared Brain Web Design redesign your website for the 21st century.

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